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The Day of your Tan:

  • It takes 8 hours for the tan to fully develop on your skin. Within this time, you cannot wet. No showering, sweating or anything liquid on the skin (this includes lotion, sunscreen, bug spray, liquid makeup). Mineral or powder makeup is fine. If you get wet in any way pat dry (do not rub).

  • This includes washing dishes.. I guess someone else is going to have to do it :)


  • Avoid tight or light colored clothing as the bronzer can rub off until your first shower. 


  • If you decide to sleep in your tan, some clients chose to put a towel down or use dark colored sheets (silk sheets should be avoided). 


After at least 8 hours:

  • When taking your first shower make sure the water runs clear. This is just the cosmetic bronzer, your tan will be on your first layer of skin it does not wash off.


  • Use a gentle sulfate-free bodywash. Soap is not recommended as it is very drying.


  • Avoid anything exfoliating or containing harsh chemicals: Scrubs, Loofahs, Retin-A, Clarisonic Brushes, Body Hair Bleaches. Absolutely NO waxing after your tan.


  • Moisturize Moisturize Moisturize! In addition to maintaining the overall appearance of your skin, moisturizing daily also helps hold on to your tan a bit longer. 


  • Don't forget sunscreen! Your airbrush tan does not provide any protection from the damaging rays of the sun. Getting sunburn after or before your tan can cause your skin to peel and ruin your faux glow. ..

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